1-on-1 Lessons

For owners who want a hands-on training experience.

Have you tried box-store dog training classes but didn’t get the help and attention you and your dog needed?  Does your dog still have selective hearing?

We are here to help! 1-on-1 Lessons are perfect for you if you really want a hands-on approach to dog training.  We’ll work with you and show you how to develop a clear line of communication with your dog.  We’ll do this 1-on-1 in your home, local parks, and pet stores.

Our 1-on-1 lessons are offered on Monday and Tuesday evenings, and Wednesday and Thursday mornings. 

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Leash Manners

Are you tired of your dog dragging you down the street?  Do you want relaxing walks with your dog in the park?  Then Leash Manners is the program for you.  We’ll provide you with the knowledge and equipment to address your dog’s leash pulling, and have your pooch strolling along beside you in no time. This program is $375.

What’s Included?

3 1-on-1 Lessons at your home

-Training collar and comfortable leash

2 months of email trainer support

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Mind Your Manners 101

Do you want your dog to listen when guests come over?  Do you want a dog that you can enjoy walks with instead of being drug down the street?

We’ll work with you to show you how you can achieve the goals you want from your dog.  We’ll address unwanted behaviors like jumping on guests and darting out doors and work on teaching your dog the basics. This program is $475.

What’s included?

5 1-on-1 lessons at your home and local parks

5 obedience commands (Sit, Down, Stay, Place, and Let’s Go)

2 months of trainer email support

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Mind Your Manners 102

Has your dog been described as obnoxious and annoying?  Do you wish your dog would just relax?  Would you like others to love your dog as much as you do? This program is $875.

What’s included?

9 1-on-1 Lessons at your home and local parks

7 obedience commands (Sit, Down, Stay, Let’s Go, Place, Come, and Leave-it)

3 months of email trainer support

-Training equipment starter pack

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