Working Dog Training Gone Wild!

So, today it was brought to my attention that multiple new local people with virtually no experience, no credentials, and no earned titles are “training” and selling dogs they are making exaggerated claims about.  It points to a very sad time right now in our working dog world.  You can take a 6 month online “master dog trainer” course and proclaim you’re a master trainer.  You can play around in search and rescue, or sports, or protection for a year then suddenly proclaim yourself an expert in the field.  

It saddens me to see this is what the working dog world has come to.  Unqualified people, training other unknowledgeable people, in matters that they have no true understanding.  What was once a well respected field has become a bit of a joke.  Looking around today, there are dogs with some of the poorest training I have ever seen, and they’re being sold for tens of thousands of dollars.  It makes me curious, are these trainers truly that clueless, or do they know they are scamming people.  I can’t be sure.  Just today I saw a “Working Dog Trainer” advertising puppies for someone that is no more than a glorified puppy mill.  Someone that breeds incredibly large numbers of untitled dogs and pushes them as “working lines”.  It would be comical if it wasn’t so dangerous. 

I’m seeing so many examples recently, it seems this has simply become common practice.  Contraband dogs that the trainers know often false alert are being sold as finished K-9’s, protection dogs that aren’t capable of defending themselves, mush less their family, are being sold to uneducated buyers.  Dogs that are, in reality, incapable of performing the jobs being asked of them are being sold for top dollar to people that just don’t know any better.  It used to just make me a little sad, but now it has come to a point where I’m a bit angry.  This has gone on for far too long.  

Will anything I say make any real difference? I doubt it, but I won’t sit back and watch this nonsense any longer.