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dog training wichita ksKim Matzen-Kutilek, Owner and Head Trainer

Kim has always had a love of animals, and after training friends’ and family’s dogs for years, decided to turn her passion into a career.  She spent many years rehabilitating the so-called untrainable Pit Bulls that society had given up on and transforming them from aggressive, out-of-control, monsters to sweet, obedient, gentle house pets.  She still works to change the public opinion of Pit Bulls and showcase what great pets they really are with the proper training and guidance.  She also enjoys competing in an array of dog sports; from conformation to obedience to nose work and IPO.  Her dogs have earned many titles and won many shows throughout the years.

She continues to learn everything that she can get her hands on about different training methods and dog behavior research.  She knows that each dog is unique and adapts the method to fit the dog rather than trying to make the dog fit the method.  Many owners have tried other training and it has failed to get them where they needed to be.  You can find a little more information on our Dog Training Programs Page.  She enjoys teaching owners the most effective ways of achieving their goals with their dogs.

dog trainers wichitaJay Kutilek, Performance and Protection Trainer

Jay has been actively training in dog sports since 2001.  He has helped many people achieve their goals with their dogs.  He shares Kim’s love of dogs and a huge passion for the dog sport called IPO.  He is the owner of Dog Guard Out-of-Sight Fencing and provides peace of mind to dog owners all across the state of Kansas.  Jay enjoys being able to help people grow and develop with their dog and take them to the next level in training.  He specializes in training for tracking, obedience, and protection for IPO. You get
more information on our Protection Training Page.



Dog Training WichitaTaila Lewis, Rally Obedience and Agility Trainer

Taila started training dogs when she was 16.  She got her first border collie and took off from there.  She did most of her training on her own including obedience and tricks then decided to train formally to compete in obedience, rally, and agility.  Taila has titled her dogs in many venues and specializes in rally and agility with experience in trick dog titles, IPO, and conformation as well.  She has a true passion for dog training and loves watching dogs learn and compete.





Dog trainers Wichita ksStorm- Demo Dog, RBIS CH, IABCA Int/Nat/Hnr CH, Total Dog, UKC CH, URO1, URO2, UCD, NACSW ORT, IPO BH, NTD, CGCA





Belgian Malinois Dog Training WichitaPhoxy- Getting ready for big things!







Dog Training Wichita ksMarley- CGC, RE, HIC, ITD







Dog Training Wichita KsHendryx- CGC, RN

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