While introducing your new dog to your home and family make sure you are keeping their training in mind.  Just like with a new puppy it is much easier to set ground rules now then allow nuisance behaviors that will need to be addressed later.  If you don’t want the dog on the couch then don’t allow it.    If you don’t want your dog allowed in the kitchen then start teaching him the threshold now.  (If you need more info on training thresholds send us a contact form)  The rules you start now with training your new dog will stick with him.

Your new dog will also need to learn appropriate leash training.  If you have never trained a dog how to walk appropriately on-leash before it would benefit you to call a dog trainer.  If your new dog already has leash pulling problems it will be harder to correct but don’t give up.  Do not allow your new dog to drag you down the street.  They need to be in proper position, not in front or behind you.  A walk means walking by your side and not dragging you down the street or stopping to sniff everything.

Proper obedience training for your new dog will greatly benefit your relationship and you will want to start them on their commands as quickly as possible.  One of the really fun ways to train your dog is through marker-training.  Marker training is much like clicker training.  Just like you would mark a good behavior with a click you will mark a good behavior with a short and happy “Yes!” every time your dog does something right.

To start this type of dog training you will first want to do what is known as charging the mark.  To do this be in a quiet room with your dog away from distractions.  Say “Yes!” and give your dog a treat immediately after you say the work.  Do not wait for your dog to actually do anything yet.  You are simply changing the word to mean something really awesome to your dog.  This type of dog training can be used to teach your dog almost any task.  Continue to charge the mark for 2 to 3 days saying “Yes!” and rewarding your dog.