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Results focused training for those wanting the best start in training


Our Boot Camp board and train programs are the perfect option for those who really want to make an investment in their dog’s training.  With our proven success with hundreds of dogs throughout the years we know we can help you and your dog. We have 2 Boot Camp programs to choose from.  Just choose the one that fits you and your dog’s needs.  

 Obedience Training Wichita, KS

Dream Dog Program - $2850

-Do you want your dog to behave like your dream dog? 

-Do you want people to rave about how amazing and smart your dog is? 

-Do you want to have off-leash control of your dog? 

This program is for those who want the absolute best training experience for their dog.  Our Dream Dog Program is exactly what it sounds like.  We will train your dog to be an absolute dream to be around.  Your dog will spend 14 days with us while we teach them 9 basic commands, Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Let’s Go (walking on a loose leash), Drop it, Leave it, Place, and Quiet. You then have 5 lessons after that to cover any commands you would like to add for the entire life of your dog. 

If you would like to read more about our Dream Dog Obedience Training Program click here.


 Behavior Modification Training Wichita, KS

Behavior Modification - $2600-$3250

Does your dog have a specific issue you need resolved? Do they react poorly to other dogs or people? We can help! Behavior Modification programs are adjusted to your dog and your situation.  With highly effective training techniques we will teach you how to curb your dog’s unwanted behavior and show them how to respond appropriately and positively to different situations.  Behavior training is adjusted to your specific dog and their needs to develop the perfect plan to prevent the unwanted behavior. Give us a call and let us know what you need help with, and we can develop a program just for you!

What Our Clients Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our clients do the talking!

‘We are so thankful we decided to invest in Benji’s training.  He was really nothing more than a nuisance before.  He would snatch food all the time, and I could barely even walk him he pulled so hard. He was getting aggressive towards other animals and just completely out of control.  We had him in a puppy training class, but it really didn’t get us anywhere.

I talked my husband into calling Kim and now I can’t imagine life without him.  We have such a great time together now, and we even go to the park off-leash.  I really can’t recommend them enough!’

Jan Parrish

“They were the absolute greatest!  I’ve had a lot of shepherds in my life, but I swear this one was born with more stubbornness than any dog I’ve ever met.  We signed her up for the Dependable Dog program.  Not only did Kim develop a program that worked, but we had a lot of fun while we were training too.”
Bethany Cox

“Our lab puppy Susie was very out of control. With the 5-week program that Kim provides, we are enjoying much better control and learned tricks and techniques that have helped Susie behave and this has made our lives much easier. My husband Daniel and I both highly recommend Kim’s training programs for any dog or puppy situation. She is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. She truly cares about the animals and their owners! We are very grateful.”
Tracy Thomas

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know it will work for my dog?
We have successfully trained hundreds of dogs over the years.  We know that while each dog is different, all dogs learn in a similar way. If you’re like most dog owners we talk to, you have already gone through some kind of training and still need help with getting your dog to listen or stop some unwanted behaviors.  We have training methods that will work for every dog!  With our experience and knowledge you know you’ll get the help you need.
What methods do you use?
We place no limitations on what techniques and methods we use.  We have spent years learning every training technique, method, scientific study, and tool available to train dogs today.  We continue to keep ourselves educated on new updated information, and we will not try to make your dog fit our figurative training style box (however we can teach your dog to literally fit in a box…seriously, it’s a super fun game!).

No matter what method your dog needs, we will utilize that method.  We will fit the program to the dog, not the dog to the program.

How does your guarantee work?
We know we have training methods and programs that work for EVERY dog.  All of our programs offer a certain number of lessons, but with our guaranteed programs if your dog takes longer to train we keep working with you FREE OF CHARGE.

Also, if your dog ever forgets a command included in our programs we will work with you to solve the problem FOR FREE.  We pride ourselves on the lifetime success of our training programs and when you train with us you are investing in the lifetime of your dog.

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