Our Dependable Dog program covers the basic obedience training that most pet owners need from their dogs.  Dogs that complete the Dependable Dog program learn 6 commands that address almost all issues pet owners have with their overly excited dogs.  Your dog stays at the trainer’s home to have a real-life environment for training, not just a building with dog runs.  Your dog also gets to go on multiple field trips to help broaden their training by adding in a lot of distractions.  Local pet-friendly stores, parks, and downtown sidewalks are all part of their field trips to make sure they are still reliable around any distractions.

This three to five day board and train program also includes three follow-up lessons with you, the owner, at your home and local parks.  The obedience training your dog receives as part of the Dependable Dog Program is enough to keep them under control in almost any setting.  They are taught on-leash and some off-leash obedience skills.  We provide any training equipment they may need including:

-Training Treats

-Appropriately sized Training collar

-Educator collar

-Long Line

-Appropriately sized “Place” bed

These supplies alone will cost upwards of $400 at any pet supply store and are included as part of your training program so you don’t have to worry about finding the right stuff for your dog.  We will supply it for you!

Your dog is placed on an obedience training schedule based on their age, drive, and learning capabilities to make sure they understand each command before they go home. We do all of the hard work for you!

When it is time for your dog to go home we will have a lesson on the basics of what your dog knows and begin teaching you how to handle your dog the same way as we do here.  Then we have follow-up lessons to make sure you guys are staying on the right track to ensure your dog’s obedience training sticks!

Our obedience training programs are so successful because they deal with the root of the problem and set the right foundation.  Our dog training has been proven to work on dogs from 2 Months to 12 Years old.  The Dependable Dog Obedience Training Program has been so successful we attract clients from all across the nation to train their dogs.

Our husky was an absolute terror before we brought him to Kim.  You wouldn’t believe how stubborn this dog was.  I had tried training him on my own for about two years before finally deciding to get some professional help.  The transformation has been amazing!  I now have a husky I can take to the park and actually enjoy our walk. I had just stopped going to the park he pulled so hard before, and now he really doesn’t even need a leash.  Absolutely will be taking my next dog there too!

Teresa Davis