Schutzhund Training

Schutzhund training is offered in private lessons and board and train programs.  Please send us an email or text message if you’re interested in schutzhund training. 316-558-4750


Scentwork Training

Scentwork training is offered in private lessons.  Please send us an email or text message if you’re interested in scentwork training. 316-558-4750


Protection Training

Protection training is offered as a board and train program only.  Our protection training program is an intensive 8 week board and train program.  Your dog must be evaluated to see if they are capable of performing this work.  This program is $4500.  Please send us an email if you are interested in protection training. 316-558-4750


Protection Dogs For Sale


Chief – Young Male Dutch Shepherd

Protection and IPO/Schutzhund Trained Male Dutch Shepherd

Chief is an outstanding young male Dutch Shepherd.  He is social and highly trained in obedience and protection.  He is easy going and stable in day to day life and does not act out aggressively without cause.  He needs to be an only dog.  Chief is crate trained, obedience trained, and protection trained.  If you need a dog to safeguard your home Chief can fit the ticket.  Contact us at 316-558-4750


Storm IPO/Schutzhund Trained Female Dutch Shepherd

Storm is an incredibly driven female Dutch Shepherd.  She is social, happy, and outgoing.  Storm loves to live life to the fullest.  She enjoys summers spent at the lake and LOVES to work.  She is not aggressive without reason.  Storm is a once in a lifetime kind of Dutch Shepherd.  If you are looking for a dog to protect your home, and a companion for while you are away Storm could be a great fit.  Call us at 316-558-4750.


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