Dog Getting in Trash

Dog Getting in the Trash?

Dog Getting Into Trash

Indoor Boundaries Prevent Unwanted Messes

Do you have a new dog you can’t stop from getting in the trash? Or is your dog a perfect gentlemen on his best behavior until you leave the house, and he smells some tasty left-overs in the trash can? Indoor boundaries are the best and most effective way to stop that behavior. It is not only obnoxious to come home after a long day at work to have to clean up a huge mess in the kitchen, but it’s also very dangerous for your dog. Who knows what all they could be eating that isn’t healthy or even toxic.

There was a point in time where even our own dogs were getting into the trash if we would be gone for 10 or more hours. These are our well-behaved, trained everyday of their life dogs. However, if we left something a little too tempting in the trash can, and we were gone all day long, sometimes they would cave to temptation and knock over the trash.

Fixing this problem is a difficult one, because even well trained dogs can have a hard time when they know they are completely unsupervised. The best solution to this problem, and the one we use on our dogs, is an indoor boundary. It is a quick, reliable, and most importantly effective solution to dogs that you just can’t keep out of the trash.

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