The second day with your puppy you will want to make sure you get up early to let him out to potty, especially if you haven’t let him out during the night.  The first thing you will want to do is let your puppy out of their crate and carry them out to their designated potty area ready with a treat.  As soon as your puppy is finished tell him “Gooood” and give him a treat.  You can also spend the second day with your puppy working on a few new words.

Everything you are training your puppy, from basic obedience commands, to silly tricks need to be fun and positive.  Unless your puppy is exhibiting some serious negative behaviors there is no reason to get upset or use harsh tones when working with your puppy.  One of the easiest and most useful basic obedience commands you can teach your puppy is sit.  Using a treat you will place it in front of your puppy’s nose and let him smell it.  Then you slowly lift the treat up and backwards behind your puppy’s head to lure them into a sit position.  As puppy_training_puppy_trainer_dogtraining_kent_ Maidstone_Canterbury_ Sevenoaks_Thanet_Ashfordsoon as his butt touches the floor you say “Yes!” and give him the treat.  Your puppy is allowed to get up as soon as you use the marker word “Yes” to let him know he has performed the correct behavior.  Do this for 30-60 seconds and then take a break.  When training a puppy you want to make sure you keep the sessions short to never let your puppy get bored with training.

Your puppy will probably need to go back out and potty after you have finished working on sit. Take him back out to his designated area and wait for him to go.  Always remember to tell him “Gooood” and give him a treat as soon as he finishes pottying outside.

One of the main things to remember with new puppy training is to never leave your puppy alone unsupervised unless he is in his crate.  If your puppy potties on the floor, or chews on some furniture that is not his fault.  He should never have been left alone to have a chance to do those things.  You are 100% responsible for everything your new puppy does and they should never be given the opportunity to make poor decisions on their own.

If your puppy is doing well with their collar and it’s not bothering them you can go ahead and add their leash too.   Just clip it to their collar while distracting them with a treat.  Then you’ll just play with your puppy like normal.  Most puppies won’t mind their leash at all, but some may be a little frightened by this new thing that is following them around everywhere.  Make sure to give him enough time to get used to their leash before you start to use it to guide him around.