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What exactly is a service dog? What about a therapy dog?

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Service Dog

Our service dog training programs start at $3600.

A service dog is a dog that is trained to perform a task in service to a person with a disability.  Service dogs that are allowed in stores and public events also go through public access training.  This training teaches the service dog to not bother, seek attention, or act aggressively in any environment.

There is no federal guideline or legitimate certification for what level of training a service dog must have, rather there are guidelines that state a service dog cannot be perceived as a threat or a disruption to other patrons or guests of public places.  Service dogs and service dogs in training are granted access to restaurants, airplanes, theaters, grocery stores, etc.

Live Well Dog Training offers a service dog training service that is designed to train your dog and socialize your dog to a point that they will be able to behave appropriately in public places.  Our training program is based around making sure your dog is trained well enough to be ready for public access.

Service dog training programs start with an evaluation of the dog to see if they are capable of this type of training.  Fearful, reactive, hyperactive, or aggressive dogs are not suitable service dog candidates.  If the dog passes the evaluation we will discuss our service dog training program options.  You can read about our service dog training by clicking on the photo above or here.

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Therapy Dog

Our therapy dog training programs start at $3600.

A therapy dog is a dog that provides comfort and joy by visiting different places including schools, hospitals, and other facilities.  Therapy dogs do not have the rights that service dogs have and are not granted access into places that do not allow dogs.  Different organizations, hospitals, and clinics have different standards of certification for dogs that visit their facility.  We certify dogs through the organization Therapy Pets Unlimited.

Therapy dogs need to have a gentle, friendly, social personality.  Therapy dog training includes similar training to that of service dogs, but there are very important differences.  Therapy dogs are encouraged to spend time doting on other people, not their handler.  Therapy dogs still have to have great manners and have the right personality for the job.  All dog training as therapy dogs must first undergo an evaluation.  Aggressive, resentful, and hyperactive dogs are not good candidates for therapy dog work.

If you already have a facility in mind that you would like to visit with your therapy dog you should make sure to check what certification they require.

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