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Service Dog Training

Our Service Dog Training Program is an intense course combining a 3 week board and train at the trainer’s home and 9 weeks of follow-up lessons with the handler in order to train the stability and control needed in a service dog team.  All dogs must first pass an evaluation process to make sure they are able to do this kind of work.  Not every dog is cut out to be a service dog.  If your dog passes the evaluation then he or she can be scheduled to start our intense 3 week board and train process.  Your dog will be going everywhere possible to learn how to behave in public in order to be a service dog.

Service dog training is a combination of outstanding obedience and task training.  Our service dog training program is focused on getting your dog ready for public access.  We are training your dog to have absolutely perfect manners, no matter the distraction or the environment.  Your dog will learn to ignore the public trying to distract him or her from their very important job.  Your dog will learn how to fade into the background no matter the situation.  If you are at a restaurant your dog will learn to curl up under the table.  If you are on public transportation your dog will learn to take up as little space as possible so as not to be a disturbance to others.

After your dog completes their public access training with us, we begin transitioning the dog over to you, the handler.  A good handler is also vital to a service dog team.  You will learn how to handle different situations and what is expected of you and your dog in public places.  You will learn how to make sure your dog remains under control at all times.

Our service dog training program includes the necessary equipment:

-Appropriately sized training collar

-Appropriately sized service dog vest (not required by law, but helpful to have)

-Educator collar

-Training treats

-Appropriate leash for you and your dog

Our Service Dog Training Programs start at $3600.  If you are interested in our service dog training program fill out the form below or give us a call 316-558-4750

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