I just received one of my absolute favorite emails to read.  It’s one of our clients talking about her dog and how far he has come.


Hey guys!

I’m super excited to to let you know we spent the weekend out at the lake with Benji, no more sending him to the boarding kennel.  Even with his training I was nervous about letting him off leash, but Jim talked me into it.  Anyways, HE DID AWESOME!  I couldn’t imagine ever being able to just let him go like that and I was a nervous wreck for the first 30 minutes.  After I calmed down about it we went swimming, and boating, and on a little walk back in the trees.  He listened so well!  Thank you so much!

Talk to you soon,


It’s is always great to hear about how our dogs do after they go home.  It’s always great to me to know that the training we offer allows people to have so much more fun with their dogs than they did before.  When I met Benji he was an out of control beagle.  He was a maniac outside of their home, and to be honest was also a maniac inside, snatching food and getting into the trash whenever he had the opportunity.

Like most people with dogs like Benji, they never really took him anywhere because of his behavior, and that typically leads to the dogs just getting worse and worse.  They took him to a pet store puppy obedience training class like most people do.  He learned how to sit there, but only there, and only with a treat directly in front of his nose.  His family dealt with his crazy behavior for months before finally deciding to see what other dog training options were out there.

After getting their message, I am so happy they found us!  I just think of all the fun times Benji would have to miss out on because of his poor behavior before.  Now his family can trust him to behave in all sorts of situations, and because of that Benji gets to have tons of off-leash freedom and fun.  This is why we do what we do.  Making people and dogs happy together!