What is Nosework?

So What is Nosework?

Nosework is a fun and easy way to teach your dog how to use their most powerful tool…their nose!  Nosework is a sport comprised of different levels from the most basic and easy to extremely challenging.  Nosework teaches your dog how to find and alert on specific target odors very similar to the way police drug dogs are trained.  Your dog learns to associate certain odors with their favorite treats or toy and learns how to search out and alert you to this specific odor. You work as your dog’s handler and your dog does most of the work.  In the beginning it is normally your job to stay out of your dog’s way.  Once you have learned how to read your dog’s body language both dog and handler will learn to work together as a team to conduct a successful search.

Nosework teaches your dog how to identify 5 different target odors; birch, anise, clove, myrrh, and vetiver.  You will also teach your dog a specific “alert” to let you know when they have found the target odor.  You will be teaching your dog foundational search skills and helping to develop their “hunt” drive.  We teach four different environments in nosework, containers, interior, exterior, and vehicle.  Each team of dog and handler learn how to hone their skills and develop a search pattern and technique for each environment that allows them to advance to trials and competition.

What are the benefits of Nosework?

-Dogs burn off tons of energy and tire out their mind

-You can practice anywhere you can take your dog

-Reactive and aggressive dogs can participate in this sport as long as their handlers can control them

-You build a strong bond through working with your dog as a team during searches

-Your dog does not need to have any prior training to start nosework

-Dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds can participate in the sport

-Shy and fearful dogs often learn to build confidence in new environments through searches

Are you interested in getting your dog started in nosework?  Send us and email at livewelldogs@gmail.com or fill out our contact us form here to get updated information on classes, seminars, and trials.