In the perfect world of dog training everyone would have all day long to spend training their dogs.  No one would have to worry about the responsibilities of work, kids, school, or everyday activities, and everyone could devote their entire day to training their dogs.  Sadly, this is not reality and often times training the dog falls on the very last of the list of priorities.

This is why board and train programs are so valuable.  Your dog gets to be trained by someone who’s job it is to spend the day training.  Think of how well behaved your dog would be if you could devote all day to training.  Board and train programs give your dog a great head start in training.  Your dog gets the foundation they need to be better behaved all around, and it helps take a lot of the frustration out of training for the owners.

While there will always be a learning curve for owners, having a solid foundation in place, and giving the dogs a chance to learn the commands separate from their owners trying to learn them is the best and most fun way to achieve the results you want from your dog.  Let’s face it, most owners have very poor timing, and try to communicate to their dogs in completely ineffective ways.  When you combine that with a dog that has no real idea what we are trying to accomplish you can have a huge sloppy mess ending in a confused dog and a frustrated owner.  To add a little clarity to this, if you have ever told your dog a command three times in a row and gotten no response, then you fall into the poor timing and bad communication category.  It’s nothing to be ashamed of.  Almost every dog owner I have met falls into this category.  That is why it is so much better to give the dogs the chance to learn and then train the owners after.

Having the foundation that a board and train program provides to the overall training program is the best bet to having a successfully trained dog.  And better yet, our board and train programs are GUARANTEED.  We will keep working with you and your dog until they get the results they need.

Whether you have a dog that just needs some manners or if you are dealing with serious aggression issues we can get your dog the results they need.