You have a lot of options when you decide how you want to keep your dog safe in the yard. There are traditional chainlink and privacy fences as well as wrought iron then you also have different dealer-supplied underground fences as well as store bought systems.

When it comes to value for your money underground fences can’t be beat. The material cost alone for a traditional fence is much greater than for an underground fence and requires many more man-hours to install. Traditional fences can also be very unsightly and many home-owner’s associations have strict rules on what fences are allowed.

Underground fences can be completely customized to any size, shape, and can even create boundaries inside the larger perimeter fence. If you have a flowerbed or pool or any area you would like to keep your dog out of we can customize the fence to meet your needs. We have more information available in the How It Works Page.  Not only can you give your dog complete access to your yard we can also design it where your dog can be contained in the front yard out the front door and the back yard out the back door.

Underground fences are more secure than traditional fences too. Often times kids will leave gates open or a bored pooch will dig their way out of the yard. Many large and intelligent breeds like huskies and terriers will even climb over the top of fences. Dog Guard Out-of-Sight fences are guaranteed to contain any dog, any size, no matter how stubborn.